Page content is not visible

I’m facing a weird issue that is when I open a page with the option edit with cornerstone than at that time I can see the full content of the whole page, but when I open the page in front-end or go to the page from the menu navigation than it is not showing anything except the banner of the page. Please help me with this.

Page name- Clinical Resources

Hello @vks_group,

Thanks for writing to us.

I checked your given site URL it seems that you have set the page content sections hidden for large screens by using the breakpoints.

I would suggest you go to the second section of the page content —>customize —>unhide it from the “Hide During Breakpoints”.

Hope it helps

i checked but their is no such hide condition. can you look in the backend. details in secure note

Hello @vks_group,

Thanks for sharing the login details it seems that you have hidden the section, I would suggest you please go to the page —>section —>undhide it for the large screen.

Hope it helps

but other section are unhide but this section conditions are also applying to other sections why?

Hey Ketan,

Which Section is it that you are having a problem with? I have checked all the conditions are I do not see any problems with it.


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