Page Category and Term not displaying in looper

Good morning,

I have been working on a looper which will display pages I have used the following plugin to allow me to add categories and tags to a page:

As you can see here:

And the looper i have set up works and displays the results:

I want it to display the title, categories and the 1 tag (there would only ever be 1 tag per page)

I have put this in the looper:


The title displays but the category does not. What do I need to change code wise to display the multiple categories and 1 tag

Thank you!

Hello @hyperdrive_boom,

I would suggest you please add the Term element where you want to display the tags.

You need to set the Term element Looper provider as Current post-term and select the taxonomy name from the select box. Please have a look at the above screenshot. Please feel free to customize the styling as per your design.


Good afternoon and this is perfect thank you!

Hi @hyperdrive_boom,

Glad that we are able to help you.