Oxygen code

Hi, as always I am looking for the best theme. That has been Themeco Pro for the past 6 years, and I love it. I recently came across this theme:

the coding seems to be really lean.

Honestly I am not looking to switch, just wanted some others thoughts on this theme. I also remember reading a Themeco blog from a few months ago that stated there was a leaner version of Pro coming out. Is that true, or was i dreaming?

You weren’t dreaming. Starter and Blank Pro stacks in 6.3 will have about 100kb+ less assets then the other stacks. 6.3 will also mark the start of us doing more code-splitting which is probably what they mean by bloat on that page. Oxygen was a source of inspiration for Pro 6 I believe, and it will probably continue to be. Have a great weekend.

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