Overlay Text On Section Separator


Can you tell me how it would be possible to overlay some text on a large section separator?

I have created an angled separator between 2 sections and would like to put some rotated text in it. I have no issue rotating the text, but the text is either in one section or the other; I want to position it over the grey separator

Is that at all possible and how? I am not after custom code necessarily, just the basic technique to achieve it


Hey @guybower1,

Are you referring to the “Where we go” section? Try reducing the top padding of the section. If it’s not the top padding adding the space between the text and the top of the section, it could be the Text margin so be sure to check that as well.


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hi Christian

Actually the text showing as I’LL CLEAN THIS UP LATER…JUST TESTING. is what I am referring to. I want that to sit over the grey diagonal. I will rotate the words to 45%, but since the grey area is the top separator of one section and the bottom separator of another section, I couldn’t work out how to do it…negatives of course; either negative top padding for one section and negative bottom padding for the other and voila.


Hi @guybower1,

Base only on the screenshot you provided above, yes a negative margin would do, but you might need to do it via a custom CSS media query so it will not affect the mobile view.

And another thing, make sure the section where the headline is place has the higher z-index, or else the headline will be layer behind the section.