Overlap/overflow an image from a bar


I want the image to overflow to the next header. I have 3 Bars

I did the “-bottom” on the image, but it does not overlap. Is this not allowed for bar to bar overlap?

I was able to add an image on bar 2 and overlap it onto page content.

Like on this page

Hello Keezia,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully you cannot insert a background image in one bar and make it extend to the 2nd and 3rd bar because each bar is independent and separate. What you can do is to go to Pro > Global Blocksand create a custom block where you can insert a section with 3 rows. The rows will represent for each bar while the section will hold your background image. Save your work and take note of your global block shortcode. After that, you can edit your custom header and then remove the 2nd and 3rd bars. You will only have one bar which will have the content area and insert the global block shortcode. To learn more about the global Block, you can check this out:

Hope this helps.