Optimizing load time

Hello how may i optimize load time on my site?

For the images I have tried some lazyLoad plugins, but then the site just loads up all wrong…
do i have to work on progressive JPG? Or Any other ideas to optimize the load time?

Hey Juliet,

We have a Performance Guide you can read at https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/customizations-performance/210

Please just note that because website optimization is a wide area, we can’t cover it as part of our product support. Just know that X and Cornerstone on their own are already optimized. The rest are factors beyond our products’ control.

I’m sorry I could not comment on whether you can use lazy loading and progressive images because:

  1. They are outside of our products’ control
  2. It’s recommended that you need to know how they work before you decide to use them

Below are articles that might help you get started understanding them.

Hope that helps.

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