One Page Navigation without creating a new menu

I would like to do a One Page Navigation and I have followed these steps:

Unfortunately at this point in time I cannot create a NEW menu, I need to use the menu I have created before (because of the Order Online implementation), but I only have added the unique ID after I have created the menu.
How can I link the ID’s now to the menu?
My page is:


Hello Christiane,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Our KB article assumes that user is setting up one page navigation menu from scratch and that’s the reason why it’s mentioned to create a menu. Please do following:

  1. Open the page in Cornerstone and inspect the Section > Customize > Setup and assign the ID.

  1. Under Appearance > Menu and open the menus you have already cleared. After that add the section Id you have created in first step to create the link.

You can learn more in this video tutorial.

Let us know how it goes.


Good morning!
The video is very helpful and confirms that already the first time round, I have done everything right.
But it still doesnt work. Check the website:
I have created a video with Slider Revolution which I have placed on the “home” page. (Slider Settings: Above Masthead)
The One Page Menu (I created also a new one only with the sections to test) is placed on the “home” page as well.
My Permalink is
But all I see are the personal links as new Menu Items below the video.
Any ideas?

On more point… In your example video all the content is added to the One Page Page = my Home Page.
My content is placed under the different links / different pages “food” “coffee” and the section ID is placed there. The thought was: I dont want to take all the content from my other pages, but instead use some sections and display them on the one page home page. Is that maybe the problem?

Hey Christiane,

The One Page Navigation feature allows users to have a different menu for a specific page. In the past, it also adds a smooth scroll animation for the menu links to the section but now, that smooth scroll effect was implemented globally so all jump links now has that smooth scroll animation.

With that said, the One Page Navigation does not meet your requirement.

I’m not sure if there’s a third party plugin for that. It would be best to consult with a third party developer for this.


Hello Christian.
I would like to try to make at least a simple One Page Navigation work. Without third party plugins. Where is my problem? Why doesnt it work? I do not need to recreate (=duplicate) the content right?
I have done One Page navigation with another template before without problems.


Hello Christiane,

If what you are aiming to do is to have the different sections in one page which is your homepage, then you should be able to use the One Page Navigation feature for it. As long as the settings are correctly set, there should be no issue get it to work.

However, I am not certain if you are still working on your homepage because I am not seeing any content except the slider and the menu.

If we are not able to address the issue that you are trying to point out, kindly give us further information so that we can provide some more suggestions.

Thank you.

Hello Jade,
yes i am still doing the One Page Navigation. You don’t see anything, because it doesnt work and I dont know why. If you click onto the menu links, you will see content and this content (minus the online order) I want to see in the One Page.

Hi Christiane,

Sorry but this is getting confusing because you’re trying to use the One Page Navigation feature on multiple pages, please keep in mind that One Page Navigation is designed to work only with one page.

Now, if you want the content of food, coffee, live well, contact pages, to be copied on your home page (which is currently empty that adds to the confusion). The easiest way to do this is to utilize the Template Manager, the idea is to save the content of those mentioned pages above, and load it to the homepage, Section per section because you’re going to anchor the One Page Navigation on these sections using the IDs.

How To Setup One Page Navigation

Again, One Page Navigation is for one page only, do not use this one-page navigation as your Primary Menu, create a different menu to serve as the menu on your secondary pages.

Hope this shed some lights,

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