One page navigation not lining up


Since the most recent update of X and Cornerstone the menu items in one page navigation don’t line up with the top of the sections. I have checked other posts and tried a few things but haven’t been able to figure out how to correct it.

Appreciate your help.

Hey @gbstone,

Thanks for writing in! Does the issue happened after the updates? Please check out this documentation first:

And you can also do the following troubleshooting:

Kindly let us know how it goes.

That’s correct. The issue began after the most recent update and the live site menu items aren’t working properly.

The staging site still lines up correctly, but I haven’t updated it.

I went through these items you listed above and the issue still exists on the live site.

Appreciate your help in figuring this out. Thank you.

Hey @gbstone,

I couldn’t replicate the issue with my development area but I’ll add this to our issue tracker so that our developer can check your website. Please don’t change the credential so that we can check on it.

Thank you.

No problem. I’ll make sure not to change the credentials.

Thank you.

Also, good to note that the staging site menu still operates correctly since it hasn’t been updated to the newest version yet and can be used to compare to the live site.


Hey @gbstone,

That’s great, our developers will check on your website, please stay tuned.

Thank you.

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