Older version of PRO/Cornerstone not loading

I have an issue with an older site we built. It’s still using PRO 5.1.3. I tried updating it to 6.4.12 over the weekend and several elements within the site failed. I restored all files and databases from back up but now PRO won’t load, just gets hung up. I’ve de-activated all the plgins to see if there was a conflict but it still wouldn’t load. We have the site hosed on SiteGround, does anyone know what might be going on? https://moosejaw.ca/

Hi @Chrisyang999,

Thanks for reaching out.
What I suggest is that you copy your live site to a staging server and update the Pro. And if everything goes fine in your staging, please migrate the staging server to live and try to activate the license once again.

Hope it helps.

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