Not sure what's happened to my X validation?

Hi there. Was in contact with Reuben at support (Themeco) a few months ago as I was having issues with the second X theme I had purchased and was using. I have come back to do work on the website ( and am again having issues with connectivity, and messages sayong that X hasn’t been validated - please help!

Hi there,

Most of the time the problem with validation is related to the access of cURL by the hosting service provider. If the error message while validating the theme is the connection error kindly give the link below to your hosting service provider and ask them to follow up:

After the fix kindly follows the same steps you would do to validate the theme from scratch:

Please consider that the validation process does not affect the current status of your website and you can do it on the live website.

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for the reply, but can you confirm that my X theme has already been validated? And, I never had any connectivity issues in the past, it seems as though this move from Themeco to Apex or whatever has changed something. And where would I carry out the following?

"You can force it to make a request by adding &force-check=1 to the URL. For example:

This will often resolve the issue if there was a temporary loss of network connectivity."

Hi There,

Upon investigating this issue further, I see that you’re using an older version of X theme (v4.1.1) & Cornerstone plugin (v1.0.6), so that our validation process will not function correctly.

The latest version of X theme is v5.2.4 and Cornerstone v2.1.6.

Please update your X theme & Cornerstone plugin first ( and then validate your site.

Hope that helps.

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