Non-responsive carousel

Hello there,

I have a carousel at the bottom of this page:

But I cannot seem to make the text contract on smaller screens - it is being cropped at the horizontal ends.

Can you see what I am doing wrong at all?

Kind Regards,


Hi Spencer,

Thanks for reaching out.
I have checked your Carousel and found that the Text elements is set to 2.6em font size for all the breakpoints. I would suggest you change the Font Size for the specific breakpoints to adjust the content in the screen.


Hope it helps.

Hi @tristup,

Thanks for getting back - I had reduced the text on mobile but not saved it as you can see from this screen grab that changing the size does not stop it being cut off left and right.

There seems to be a width cropping the text element?

Kind Regards,


Hey Spencer,

I check the page and the text is responsive on the mobile view. That being said, I suggest that you clear your browser cache and also Cornerstone cache by going to Cornerstone > Settings > System and hit the clear style cache button.

Hope that helps.

Hi @marc_a,

Thanks for getting back.

Sorry, I had already replaced it with a new one which works. You got to this message before I updated it!

Thanks for your help,


Hi Spencer,

Glad to know that it is working now.


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