Non profit expanded demo

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I’m using X with the non profit demo and i’d like to replace the slider with a google map. Can you help me ?


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Thanks for writing in! At the moment, you can not replace the slider with any other shortcode. You can however edit the slider and insert the Google Map shortcode. To know more about how you can do that in Revolution Slider, please check this out:

And for more details about the Google Map shortcode, you can check this out:

Hope this helps.

Ok thanks. So isn’t possible to have a map embed on top of the navbar somehow ?

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Thanks for updating in!

You may insert a map on top of your navbar through the header widgets. You can enabled the header widget area in X > Launch > Options > Widget Bar. Simply choose “One” and insert a text widget along with your Google Map code for the header widget.

If you truly want to insert the Google Map as a replacement of the slider, it will only be possible with custom development. Please keep in mind the custom development is beyond the scope of our support.

Meanwhile, if you switch to Pro theme, anything is possible. You can easily create your custom header and be able to insert a Google map right above your menu bar. You should also think twice first before switching to Pro theme because Pro theme is for intermediate and advanced users, designers and developers unlike X which is just for beginners and intermediate users.

If you want to know more about Pro theme and the header builder, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

Well i might switch to pro. Last question : can i use the non-profit expanded demo as well with X Pro? Thanks

Hello Again,

The X theme has all the features for beginners to start a site with. You have the demo content and customizer manager to help you get any design option you need. The only missing is that you only rely on the stack’s header and footer design layout. In Pro, there is the header and footer builder which gives you more option in designing your site. The drawback is that there is no demo content and customizer manager in Pro Theme.

If you are starting your site with a demo content, it would be best that you install X theme first, install the appropriate demo content that you want and if you are satisfied with all your site settings, you can then install Pro and switch to Pro theme. This time, all the X settings and the demo content will now be running under the Pro theme.

Hope this helps.

Hi there,

I did as you suggested me. Now i installed X pro, can you help me to have a google map display on top of navbar ? Thanks

Hi There,

Do you mean Pro? Please do not confuse/combine X and Pro because that is a different theme.

If you’re using PRO and has a custom header, then setup a top Bar with 1 Container and add the Map element in that:


That is if you created your own header using the header builder.

But if you’re using the standard header (default header), then I advice what Ruenel suggested above, use the Map shortcode and place that on a Slider Above Masthead.