No working transports found

I registered my license on and marked the site I installed the theme but on the dashboard it still tells me it’s not validated. When I try to enter the purchase code through the dashboard, I get the error message “No working transports found”

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In order to validate the license of X Theme, we request you to kindly follow the Theme Installation guidelines from the below link.

If you still have an issue, let us know. We’d be happy to help you out with that.

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I have followed these instructions and the error message appears after having entered my purchase code.

Are you working on a local server?

No, remote server situated here:

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Please post your login details and the licence code here in a secure note, so that we can have a look.


Here it is!

Please also add the license code on the secure note.


Added to the post!

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I have logged in and I can confirm the error “no working transports found”. This is because your CURL is disabled in your server. Please ask assistance from your hosting provider and request that CURL be enabled.

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Hope this helps helps.

Great! Migrated to a different hosting service where CURL is enabled. Thank you veryu much for your help.

You’re most welcome.

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