No place to generate API

I just purchase the second license of X theme, but I do not find the API section in my license page. Please help.

Hi there,

You will have to use your Envato Purchase code and register the license on the licenses page here:

You can then indicate the domain name to the license so that you can validate your site.

I did, I registered with the purchase code, but the theme does not ask me for the purchase code. It asks me for API code. Could you sort it out if I give you my username and password?

Hi @kshitiz324,

API code should in your license page. As shown in the image below,

For more details about product validation,

Let us know how it goes.


Hi I can’t find where to generate my API either, when i paste the code from the license on my site, it gives me an error. I have registered my license on my account and added the url of the installation.

Hi There @Mygind

You don’t have to generate any API (that was an earlier procedure). Now you just have to set your site URL into your license under > Dashboard -> License page. Then you can use license key to validate your site. Please follow our detailed guide here (

If you’re getting any error, most probably you’re using an older version of X theme or Cornerstone plugin so that our validation process will not be initiate correctly. You can check the latest version numbers from here and update manually before validating.

Hope that helps.

It worked - thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Mygind,

Happy to hear that.

Feel free to ask us again.


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