No New Page Builder following conversion from X Theme to Pro


I must have missed something.

I converted my X licence to a Pro licence and was really looking forward to the new page builder/content builder that is shown in the promo reel. However, on a site that I built in X when ever I want to edit a page (or even add a new page) I get the old X page builder and Cornerstone (red and green logo rather than blue and purple).

I am pretty sure that this is not supposed to be like this but not sure what to do to resolve. Please could someone advise?

Using versions 1.1.1 and my browser is Safari.

I thought the issues was because I built the site and page using X theme and Cornerstone originally but I deleted the X theme and Cornerstone is deactivated but the old content builder is still the one I get when I launch Pro and try to edit a page. Furthermore, this is the same for new pages when I;d expect them to be built using the advertised page builder that comes with Pro.

I’d be really grateful if someone could tell me what’s going on. I have emptied my Caches and do not think I am using a caching plugin.

I hope to hear from someone soon.

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Ah, the one you’re looking is a header/footer builder.

It’s under Pro > Launch > Header or Footer and you’ll only use it to build your header and footer, and not a page/content.

The header/builder interface is really different in the content builder (cornerstone), and you can’t build both header and content at the same time. Hence, you’ll need to go to header/footer builder to build header/footer, and content builder (cornerstone) when you’re building content :slight_smile:

Your content builder is still cornerstone, so what you see is correct :slight_smile:


Hi there

Thanks for your clarification. I spoke with someone on Facebook who also explained this. I would love the same look and functionality throughout the builders at some point. The Header and Footer builder looks very nice indeed.

Appreciate your help.

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