No font selector in customizer

Why is it no longer possible to select body and header fonts in Customizer?
The old selectors are missing in my new installed X-theme.

What you see in this enclosed picture, is missing in my Customizer.

( I have cheated H1 and H2 via CSS.)

Hi there,

Those options are now available in X > Theme Options.

Hope this helps.

No place to choose what font to use in body og headings like it used to be.

After some digging I found the correct answer: You have hidden it.

The font controls are buried behind the dark cogwheel in the picture here:

Hi there,

Based on your initial screenshot, the Body Font setting can still be found in the Theme Options.

But as for picking the font you want to use, yes, you will have to click on the cog icon to find the Font Manager.

You can find more information here:

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