No flex box controls in page builder

new to Wordpress and Themeco pro…
I’m trying to manage shrinkage in page content to mimic headers and footers as intended in my site design…
I expected the flex box controls in the page builder and was disappointed to find them not there…
I’ve come to the conclusion that unless I can code, this isn’t going to happen…
I’ve been playing around with the controls but not sure about the effect of the different values such as EM or REM or % etc.
I was hoping that there would be a control like outer spacing that would keep the outer limits of the header ,footer, and content aligned as the window shrinks.
I’m not optimistic that there is a ready solution available but would hope that this is something in the works.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for writing in! I see that you’re using a Pro license. As to start, Pro Header/Footer builders are utilizing Flex Layout. You should also take a look at this article too (

For example:

Thanks for understanding!

I guess you didn’t understand my query…
I am functioning relatively well in the header footer builders…
My problem is that when I go to create a page, the same type of flex box controls are not in the content builder and I am having a hard time controlling shrinkage and alignment as screen size changes.

Hi again,

Sorry for the confusion, Content Builder/Cornerstone’s section, row, and column are still using the conventional CSS properties. However, if you need to, you can write a custom class that applies a flexbox properties to your section, row, and column.

You can checkout the guide here or

Just to let you know, this has already been added as a feature request for future development. All of these items are discussed with our team internally and prioritized based on the amount of interest a particular feature might receive.


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