No carousel Body Class

I added .no-carousel .x-post-carousel {display: none;}
to Theme Options > CSS

I don’t want the carousel to appear on certain pages or posts but don’t’ understand where I am to apply a BODY CLASS no-carousel on those certain pages.

can you please tell me where on each page to add the BODY CLASS?


Hi Jane,

You have a lot of pages so I am not sure which ones where the carousel should not be displayed. However, I created a test page and added the class to the page and it seems to work fine.

Please check the link in the secure notes.

I simply wanted to know WHERE to add the Body Class. i don’t know where to add it on the page.

Hi again,

To add a body class on a page, click on the gear icon in the left sidebar in Cornerstone and then under Page Settings > Meta Settings add your custom class in Body CSS Class(es) field (see screenshot)

Alternatively you can edit your page in WP page editor, under Page Settings metabox you can add your class in Body CSS Class(es) field (see screenshot)

Another approach you can follow is to find the page ID (see and use it to hide the carousel on that specific page e.g to hide it on your Contact page you can use this code:

.page-id-79 .x-post-carousel {
    display: none;

Your Contact page has the ID 79 so the above code will hide the Carousel on that page only.

Hope this helps!

Yes it does! Thanks so much.

You’re most welcome!

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