No Addon tab showing for Demo Content

Hello trying to install demo but there is no Addon tab on the Dashboard can you help me is this an install issue?

Hi there @Duckworthcs,

Thanks for writing in! Sorry about that, the demo content is available under “wp-admin > X”. Scroll down that page and you’ll see the demo content.

The documentation will be updated this week to reflect the change in position.

Thank you I actually did but do not see anything. I see X>Overview > Launch > Cornerstone

Hi There @Duckworthcs

Head over to X -> Overview section and there you will see a separate section to generate demo content. Refer to the screenshot (

In case if you’re on Pro, there is no demo content feature as such for the time being.


This is what I get to see front page ([

Hi there,

It seems that you are using an old version of the theme. Please kindly update the Theme and Cornerstone to the latest version to be able to use the Demo system.

Thank you.

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Hello Chris,

I have installed a fresh download from Themeforest where I purchased the Template and I used the FTP to load. I still don’t see the Addon tap as suggested by the Documentation and no demo content.

Hello I don’t see that. Let me go back is the X demo file should it be in the wp-admin>X Currently there is no such folder or content.

So I tried using a demo like Agency. It worked but that is no the demo I was looking for I want to use the standard demo for Echo1 for a magazine. I am pretty much gone through everything and nothing works.

Hi there,

The Ethos demo that you imported is correct, you have to fill in other parts of that demo. Please check our knowledge base about Ethos stack and its features.

There are two types of demos, the standard and the expanded.

The expanded demos contains the complete demo (including media, slider, and etc.), and Agency is on ifs sample.

While the standard demos are just skeletons, a placeholder that you need to fill in. It doesn’t contain images, slider, and etc. You need to add them yourself. Ethos 1 and other stack-based demos are the samples for the standard demo.

What would you like to change in your Ethos 1 demo? Maybe I could help a bit :slight_smile:



So I loaded demo but now sure it worked having a few issues. I attached a couple. Also some of the knowledge base is a little confusing for example on how to set up the menu I attached so small I had to download to see it. Thinking about starting all over something did not work right and can’t seem to find. If you can point me in the right direction.

The website is Click on contact page you can’t see the word contact? Click on Entertainment you see Category Archive not sure why it keeps showing up.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! Regretfully we cannot check your site because it is under construction mode (Coming soon page). Could you please provide access so that we can check your site?

By the way, If your font sizes were small, please go to X > Launch > Options > Typography and X > Launch > Options > Header > Links - Text and make sure that you have set the font sizes.

Hope this helps.

Great thank you will take maintenance mode off today.

Hello There,

“Category Archive” keeps on showing because this is the default landmark title in category pages. You will need to give an archive title for each of your category to change it. Please go to Posts > Categories and edit each of the categories. Find the Archive Title field.

To know more about the other Ethos settings, please check this out:

Hope this helps.