News Looper custom design

Hi there,

I’m building a site at:
Near the top of the page I have a news element that is a looper. The client would like a slightly different design.

Latest article is full width, under it three more articles appear and are 1/3 width.

Now with WP QUERY I can set up an offset, but here, inside looper consumer I can’t find where I can offset the design so the first article is full width, and the second starts with a 1/3 width. Thanks!

Hi @Pbalazs89,

What you are trying to do is required two different Looper Provider. I would suggest you use first Looper with the Offset value 0 and count value 1. And second Looper Provider with the Offset value 1 and count value 3. The first Looper will have the full width column, and the second Looper will have the 1/3 width.

Hope it helps.

Thanks, that part I have figured out but i can’t find the offset button:

Where is it supposed to be located?

Hi @Pbalazs89,

It seems that you are using the much older version of Pro i.e. 4.0.11. I would suggest you update it to its latest version i.e. 5.1.4, which has the Offset with the Recent Post option of the Looper Provider.


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