New pages not showing up in main menu

When I add a new page it shows up in cornerstone pages for editing but not in the main nav bar of the site. I’ve searched through forums but can’t figure out why this is happening.
I’m using ethos 1 and the main nav shows: HOME PORTFOLIO and that’s it, I created a test page and it’s not showing up in the menu. If I change the name of the page 'portfolio" to something else it still shows at “portfolio” and not the new name. Also I can’t figure out how to edit the homepage.

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Thanks for writing in! When you create a page, it will not automatically display in your menu in the front end. The menu in your navbar can be manage in Appearance > Menus. Please edit your menu and add the page that you just added. For more details, please check this codex:

Hope this helps.

Thank you, I’m new to all of this. Also, how do I edit the homepage?

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You can edit the homepage for Ethos 1 by through the settings in X > Theme Options > Ethos.

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I can’t actually edit or change the content I can only view it

Hi @weedmama,

Little confuse now of the problem. Would you mind sharing the problem or situation.

You might want to check our knowledge base for guide on how to use X theme or other guides:

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


I can only edit the colours and the logo, sidebar and view the homepage on the right hand side however there is nowhere that I can see to actually edit the content of the homepage. I have searched the knowledge base but I can’t find the answer. Basically I can only view it I can’t actually edit the content in the page itself.

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Thank you for the clarifications. Please be advised that your homepage is displaying the blog index or the latest posts items. The page cannot be edited using Cornerstone or even the default WordPress editor. The layout is built in with theme. If you want to have a custom home page, you may create a page and use Cornerstone instead. You can then assigned this page as your homepage. To know more about this, please check out this codex:

Hope this helps.

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