New License Not Working 2

For some reason when we enter this code on on site it says it is not valid. Any suggestions?

This is all I get. We’ve checked the code, but it doesn’t appear to be an Cornerstone purchase code or Themeco license. Please double check the code and try again.

Hello @rkassebaum,

Thanks for writing in!

Please don’t share sensitive information like purchase code in public. Always use secure note feature to share purchase code so that the information is in between you and Themeco staff. I have moved purchase code in secure note.

I also request you not to bump tickets as doing so moves the ticket back into the queue thereby increasing the response time from our end. In case you need to add more information, please edit the ticket you created and in that add the information.

Coming to the question. I see that the purchase code you have shared is a X Theme licence. Checking the website I could see that you are using a different theme and Cornerstone. Please note that you can’t use X Theme licence to validate Cornerstone and vice versa. For Cornerstone, you will have to purchase standalone version of Cornerstone plugin from Codecanyon.

You can learn more about validation purpose in following post:


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