Network Multi-Site Install

I was just new to WordPress when I set up a multi-site install and did not know I needed a separate licence for each site. It’s ok because I only have one site on my multi-site setup but I will want to add a new site soon and would like to know how to go about setting it up. I will buy a new licence for the new site but I need to know how to fix the error I have made setting up X on a network install. Could you please guide me through the steps necessary to remedy this situation?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for writing in!

Yes, you will need I license for each domain.
If you made a mistake in assigning your license you can always revoke and assign it to another site.

For more information kindly refer to the link below


Thanks for your reply. Whatever I have done I am not able to update my theme which is X.
What I really want to know is what changes do I have to make to be able to update X?
This was not covered in the reply or the link supplied. Please let me know if I am not being clear in what I am trying to do? Thanks again,

Hi Mark,

I have tested and can confirm that there is no available auto update feature. You will have to update it manually.
It’s a WordPress limitation. Plugins can be network activated but themes can’t, so there’s no consistent way to show an update notification without us creating a separate plugin to handle it.

Please see Manual Updates Section on the link below

Thank you for your understanding.

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