Nesting elements inside tabs (copy & paste) & UNDO!

Hi. I’ve just had a disaster, my own fault, but going forward I’d like to:

  1. Lodge another vote for an undo feature
  2. Get your advice on replicating the behaviour of PRO elements inside tab elements

This is what happened: I needed 3 columns of text inside the tabs. Obviously the tabs only take raw html, so I built a 3 column section below, opened the result in the browser, copied the element, then pasted it into the tab. Worked fine.

Next I coded TWENTY FOUR content modals in the same fashion. Pasted them into another tab - worked fine. The deleted the section below, now that I had finished building. And this removed all styling and functionality. I’ve lost hours and hours of work. And now I need to re-code the lot again.

So, please can you implement an undo soon, and more importantly - if I wanted to use a content modal inside a tab, is the only way to create the content modal and have it hidden on the page? And then copy and paste the HTML for this into the tab content? Or is there a better way? Shortcodes would be good I guess.

I am a numpty :frowning:

I would love this also!

Hey guys,

Thanks for the suggestion.

The undo feature is actually part of the features that will be available for the next release cycle.

You can find more information about it here:

Thank you!

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