Need help - New Format for Custom Cornerstone Element?

Is there a new method for creating custom Cornerstone elements? I followed the instructions here:

The result is a legacy element with the “Classic” prefix. My assumption is that this legacy style will at some point be unsupported, is there a new document walking through creating elements using a new format?

Hi @bhamrick,

Please note that the Classic Elements are by no means legacy at all, they will be continued to be supported in the future. You can use the Classic Elements as you always have, we aren’t forcing and won’t be forcing anyone to use V2 elements.


@paul.r but is there documentation on how to create a V2 element? If I’m going to invest in the infrastructure I’d rather use the latest methods.

Hi @bhamrick,

Unfortunately, there is none yet, it’s still currently limited to classic bit noted. I’m sure it will be available once before the classic feature ends :slight_smile:


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