Need Copy of Cornerstone Plugin


I am running WP on an AWS EC2 Instance. I activated our theme and ran some updates. In the process, I’ve created a conflict between my Cornerstone version and my theme version.

I’m unable to access the “plugins” screen via the WP dashboard due to the way our AWS instance handles ‘fatal errors’.

My only option is to ssh into our server and manually install a copy of Cornerstone (current version) to correct my issue.

Is there a link or some way to access the Cornerstone plugin directly? I’ve purchased the “lifetime access” Pro theme.


Hey @LNUredi,

If you’re using Pro, you can’t install Cornerstone as it’s not needed.

You can only install Cornerstone if you’re using X. You can install Cornerstone from the X menu.

If you still wish to install Cornerstone manually. Log in to your Themeforest account and download the installable file from your downloads page

Then extract inside the x/framework directory.


Hope that helps.

Awesome, thank you for the info! I’m still learning my way around the Pro theme and how it’s set up. Thanks!

You’re welcome, @LNUredi.