Navigation Dropdown stacking under top image

in mobile mode the when customer click the navigation at first submenu appears under the top image ( image attached)

it only fixes when they scroll down then sub menu repositions itself lower. ( image attached)

can you guide me how to set it so it doesn’t stack under the top image, or other solution would be for when they click menu it only displays below main menu item not above

Hi @bulli79,

Thanks for reaching out.

The navigation dropdown, the same with navigation inline element, they are only applicable for desktop. They are basically using the same dropdown implementation, except inline menu has top level menu items.

Please utilize navigation collapsed element instead.


ok that actually worked great. thank you

is there some sort of resource that explains all the elements on xpro so i can use a guide. it would be a great help


Hi Ozzie,

Yes, there are available on our docs here, under elements. You can only check online demos here


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