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I am using a Navigation Collapsed element in my Pro header for mobile devices. However, I have two queries which I cannot seem to find the settings for:

Firstly, how do I style current menu items / current sub-menu items? In the below screenshot, the top level menu is “Sleep Forum”, which is directly below “Sleep Blog”

Secondly, I have one main menu item and its sub menu which are not taking any of the menu’s styling! See screenshot.


Hey Christopher,

I checked the Navigation Collapsed and I don’t get what you’ve shown in your screenshot.

Is the issue fixed or would you mind clarifying where we can see the issue?



Hi Christian,

I have not touched the website at all since raising this request! However, I can confirm that I am now seeing the same as your screenshot. Baffling! There is no caching present, so I am not sure what has gone on…

Despite that, my first question is still open. Please can you advise me where the settings are in Navigation Collapsed to deal with the styling of “current” items, i.e. a page / parent menu which is currently actively on-screen.

Many thanks,

Hi Christopher,

I have visited your site and checked the Sleep Hypnosis Downloads pages. This is what I am seeing:

Be aware that the Interaction option is what will be applied to the current items.

Top Links (Current menu parent):

Sub Link (Current menu item):

Hope this helps.

Hi Ruenel,

Thank you for the help. What wasn’t clear is that there is not a separate setting for current items, but they take their styling from the interaction settings. All clear now!

Thank you,

Hey Christopher,

You are most welcome.
If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.


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