Navbar scroll don't work


i need help with main navbar.

My navbar scroll down don’t work like it use to, but footer navbar works perfect. Can anybody help me.

My page:

Hey @badjoblaz,

Upon checking, the Navbar Links work. See

The only issue I saw was when your Layer Slider was still loading. It won’t allow you to scroll down. Regretfully, the only solution to that is to optimize your images so that your slider or your site in general will load fast and scripts won’t have to wait.

I see you’re using huge images in your slider. I haven’t checked if you’re using the same sizes site-wide.

You can see an idea on how to optimize your images in our Performance guide.



thank you for your answer.

Which browser did you use? Smooth scroll down from main navbar works for me only on Microsoft Edge.

On Firefox and Crome doesn’t work. Please check my video in link:

I fixed all of my pictures, but stil no scroll down.

If you have any solutions for that?


I used Chrome to test. I also tested again in Firefox and captured what’s happening on my end. See

Please try clearing your browser cache and if you have browser extension, please deactivate them all temporarily. One of them might be interfering with the link smooth scroll script.



thank you for your help. It’s working now. Sorry for your trouble.

Can you help me with one more problem?

I set fixed navbar on mobile site. ( I would like to do that navbar closes on click. I search on the forum, and find a lot of sollutions, but i couldn’t get to working any of them.

Can you check the code for me please and tell me what i did wrong:

jQuery(function($) {
$(".x-navbar .mobile .x-nav li > a").on(‘click touchend’, function(event) {

Hi @badjoblaz,

On click of which element? You mean when the menu items are clocked, the menu should close instead of navbar?

For the meantime, please try this one

jQuery(function($) {
	$("#x-nav-wrap-mobile > .x-nav > li > a").on('click touchend', function(e) {



this code doesn’t work.

example on element O meni or poučevanje…

please look video in link:

thank you for your help.

Hi again,

Thank you for the video recording. I checked your site and I see a JS error due to a third party plugin ultimate addons for visual composer which could be preventing the above code to execute. Please disable this plugin and see if this works.

Let us know how this goes!


thank you. It works.

Best regards.

On behalf of my colleague, you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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