Mystery owner for licence

Hi guys,

My client has contacted me after their license has stopped working. This particular license is not in my group of licences and I think they may have purchased their own, however, they are under the impression I purchased it. Can you please shed some light on this licence:

Many thanks

Hi there,

The Summary feature of the forum is not private and you exposed the purchase key publicly. I edited your message and added it to the Secure Note which is the correct section to add private data. For more information:

I checked our database and there is no user which uses the Purchase key you provided. So your client simply can add a new account in Themeco using that Purchase Key and assign the sight as per the Validation Guide below:

Thank you.

Hello Chris,

Thank you for doing that. Please see below the placeholder text inside the “Details” shortcode. You guys might want to change that because it indicates that anything inside the shortcode is hidden.

This text will be hidden

Hi there,

It hides the content as the text description said but it’s still public, you should use a secure note for sensitive information. But yes, wording should be changed and will forward this issue.


Hi Kelly,

That’s not actually a license key. It looks like an API key from an older system we used in the past for automatic updates. I checked our records but it no longer exists in the system. Chances are the original license was used on a domain at one point, then moved to another site. When someone logged into that site they may have seen the API key which is why it was brought to your attention.

OK thank you Alexander. The client gave up and just purchased another licence anyway.

Thank you.

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