My X the,e site is messed up, license key not working


My X site is messed up, it started with that the “cornerstone editor tool” stopped working. Then I tried to deactivate X theme and now I can not activate it again using my license key found in your licence portal… Please fix it! or

**I have resolved this issue **

Hi There @hjojohan

Thanks for writing in! If you miss few major updates or if you’re using older version of X theme/ Cornerstone plugin, the validation process will not be initiated correctly. In that case, you can always check the latest X/Pro version and it’s compatible plugin versions by referring to this guide ( That version information guide will be updated when releasing new updates. Then you need to update your X theme and Cornerstone plugin manually for once ( and then you should be able to validate your site.

Other common validating related issues are documented here (


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