My website takes too long to load

Hi Team,
My website takes too long to load. Can someone please check?


Hello Yosuva,

Thanks for writing in!

I checked the website and then ran a speed test on Pingdom. I can see the average load time on Pingdom is fairly high and is coming down to 35sec. Here’s the test result.

Please try out following solutions and let us know the outcome:

  1. First, I suggest you to update X Theme and Cornerstone. I see that website is currently using X 6.5.6 and Cornerstone 3.5.5. Please update X Theme and Cornerstone to latest version which as of today is X 7.0.4 and Cornerstone 4.0.4. You can refer following update guide and changelog for more information.
  2. Next, I suggest you to take a look at our performance optimization guide:

Let us know how it goes.


I have updated my site to X 7.0.4 and Cornerstone 4.0.4. but still it very slow. I have deleted all the themes except X.Also tried disabling unused plugin. But still no improvement in page load.

Hey There,

I’ve just ran some tests and the load time is around 2-3 seconds which is a very good time for such a site. Maybe the changes needed some time to take effect. Please let us know if you are experiencing the same results as I’ve tested it from 4 different locations worldwide.

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