My website is showing larger than normal, but only on safari. I have no idea why

Yesterday, my website was suddenly showing wider than normal, but only in safari. In chrome and on mobile, everything is fine.

What went wrong? I did not make any specific changes.

Here you can see what i mean:

This is how it should look (screenshot from chrome)

This is how it should not look (screenshot from safari)

The backend is also weirdly wider than normal. What went wrong?
Thanks in advance

Hey Cedric,

Your site looks the same on my end, both in Safari and Chrome. Please ensure you’re using 100% Zoom Level in Safari and also clear your browser’s cache.

If 100% zoom and clearing the cached doesn’t help, please post your MacOS and Safari versions.


Somehow I must have changed the zoom level in safari. It was on 115% for my website. Thank you for the hint!

Hi Cedric,

Glad that we are able to help you.