My website is loading super slow since installing X

Can you have a look at what could be the issues please?

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, actually your site loads fast on my end. Would you mind to clarify which part is slow?

For the meantime you can follow some of the site Performance optimization provided here.

Have a nice day,

Every aspect of it seems slow. Even this online test shows that.

Do you have any ideas why?

Hello @medzy1,

I ran a test on pingdom and if you scroll down the report it will show you the measures you can take to speed up the website and time it’s taking to load all the components of the website. For example you can check this report!/DoYAY/

As shared by my colleague in our performance improvement guide we have shared all the necessary optimizations you can perform to speed up website load time. I suggest you to please walk-through our performance improvement guide: