My purchase code is not working

I entered my purchase code for a new website into before activating it on my website and it is not letting me register at all. Please help. It is entered within the secure note.

Hi @moedawg,

Thanks for reaching out.

I checked your account and that license is registered but unlocked, are you transferring this license from your current account to another? If yes, would you mind providing the email or username of that account in the secure note.


No I am not trying to transfer it. I thought unlocking it might fix the issue. Do you need to de-register it for it to work for me? Please let me know.

This is what it is doing every time in every browser. It is really slowing me down.

Hey @moedawg,

For that license, you have registered the same site both for Production and Staging and that won’t work for validation regretfully. Please register the live domain under Production. If you don’t yet have a live domain, un-assign the staging URL. For more details, please see the Product Validation article at


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