Multiple Essential Grids not showing


I two grids and a slider on my page. The infographics slider is not showing . My host gave this error Call to a member function get_slider_language() on null in /home/rhosha1/

I also have a slider.

Hi @wiser308.

Thanks for reaching out.

I recommend you to do the following steps.


Note: The credentials you provided in the secure note is not correct, please double check the information.

Thank you.

I included the error code my host gave me. I purchased essential grid because it was suppose to be compatible with revolution slider. I was having a confilct with rev slider and post grid pro.

Hi @wiser308,

We have examined your website and make a similar page by cloning the Home Page. And found the Slider Revolution and Essential grid both are working fine.
This may be due to the cache, please try after clearing all type of cache or disabling the cache plugin.
You can learn more about cache from our common issue article.

Instead of Classic Essential Grid element, raw_content element can work with the shortcode provided in essential grid items.

We have integrated both the elements and found its working. Please check the screenshot below.


Hi I clear the cache after every change. My site has not been working properly since Wednesday and we are having a fundraiser. I really need have the issue resloved.

I changed the grids to raw content. Blogs shows infographic still didn’t show. Deactivated WP Super Cache, still didn’t show. So, I cloned the page and it showed, but disappeared when I made it the homepage. So I used your test page, changed the name to WISER_Policy. Once I made it the front page infographics doesn’t show. Here is the error code my host sent Call to a member function get_slider_language() on null in /home/rhosha1/

I have reached out to themepunch as well. Here is there response. When I made their page my front page, infographics disappeared again. As for the grid issue, there seems to be some conflict at the frontend of the homepage of your site as, as a test, I added both the grids in a blank page and they seem to be working,

In order to dig deeper into this I will need to run a few quick tests on your site, which may require me to disable other plugins and switch to default WordPress theme for a few minutes. I will be needing your permission to proceed.

Hello @wiser308,

I have logged in to your site and I do not see any error messages. I went ahead and adjust your Slider Revolution settings and the Essential Grid settings with the following:

All of the JS scripts should be loaded in the footer to avoid any conflict while using both plugin and also in displaying two Essential grids on the same page.

Kindly check out your test page now.

Hello, What you did not fix the problem. themepunch says the error is with the theme as the pages look correct until they are published and are made the front page.
My site has not bee correct for nearly a week. Please fix.

Again, the problem seems to happens when the page is published.

Hi @wiser308,

I would like to check the site but the credentials provided above does not work, please check.

Try CLEARING all your caching features (plugin, server-side, CDN, and browser’s cache), don’t just deactivate it.

Another possibility is a slider’s resource is being blocked by ModSecurity, please contact your hosting support and ask to deactivate the ModSecurity for a while, then check your homepage to see if that resolves the issue. If it does, since deactivating ModSecurity is not recommended, request to enable it back and unblock/whitelist only whatever (Slider resources) is being blocked.

Let us know how it goes,

I am contacting my host,

I contacted my host:
First, they deactivated Mod Security, No change.
Second, deavtivated Rev Slider, No change.
Third, no error messages on the host side.

I used to use post grid pro, but there was a conflicty with rev slider after an update. So I purchased essential grid. Now, home page won’t show correctly.

Hi @wiser308,

To ensure this is our theme issue, please deactivate our theme and check if the issue exists or not.
If it exists, that means the error is not from our theme. If it is not exists and you want us to examine your site, please copy your live site to a staging server so we could troubleshoot freely without breaking your live site.
Give us access as you did for your live site.


I have no idea how to do this. More over, I had no problems until I started using essential grid. You all offer Rev Slider as part of the theme package, but it doesn’t play well with other plugins. I purchase the companion grid and the site fails to function properly.

Now you tell me to do all the trouble shooting. Not what I expect from what is advertised as the #1 and most flexible theme.

Hello @wiser308,

I have logged in again to your site. I created a test page and made sure that both the Revolution Slider and the Essential are present on the page. Both of them are displaying properly and working perfectly already.

See the secure note.

May we know what other errors do you see and in which page did you experienced it so that we can investigate it further?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, it seems WP hide post plugin was the problem.

Hi @wiser308,

Great that you can find the exact cause of the issue. Please contact the respective plugin support for the fix.
Please remember that we don’t offer any support to the third party plugin and issues related to it.


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