Multi language site with Pro

Hi there,
How can I easy made a multi site with Pro ?
I usually use the plugin Polylang but is not working here…

Thanks !

Hello @joserodrigz,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

You can take a look at WPML plugin to have multilingual website. I am also sharing few resources that you can take a look to setup multilingual website.


Hi thanks, I really don’t need to translate my website, I have all the docs translated, but only to have a multi language site with a plugin to conmute between 2 languages (Spanish and English)…

By the way… I just updated my site to Pro and Polylang plugin now is not working with Pro… perfectly with X… why ?

Hello There,

There is a bug conflict between Pro and Polylang. This does not work as of this moment. Our developers already knwe and already looking into this issue.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ok thanks, but that means that I should return back to X-theme and the upgrade to Pro was an error…

Wow great ! Now even is not working with X-theme !!!
So should we pay for the new WPML plugin ??? What a business !

Please what’s the solution to have a website with 2 languages (something perfectly normal by the way) with the great Pro and/or X themes ??? How is possible that we should PAY for a WPML plugin ??? This is not acceptable, sorry. I suggest to include the WPML in the Pro pack for free !

Hi @joserodrigz,

This is already added to our issue tracker and it’s a bug and not to promote WPML. But yes, if you’ll use WPML then you’ll have to buy them. They aren’t related or connected to us, we just added the integration since users use it. But for Polylang, it may need fixes the same way in the early integration of WPML and X.

Please stay tuned.


Ok great that means just one thing for us: X and Pro themes are useless to create websites with more than one language. Right ? Please remark this when the purchase. That way we can decide to buy it or not. Thanks !

Hi @joserodrigz

I understand that you wished a working solution out of the box to get your multi-language site ready and you didn’t get that with X or Pro theme, but saying that you can’t do that with any of them isn’t right, let me explain something for you, WordPress itself doesn’t have a working solution for multi languages sites, that’s why developers created WPML plugin which we stated that our themes support this plugin, meaning that you can translate X or Pro theme contents using WPML plugin.

In the meanwhile, we don’t support Polylang at the moment, just like Rad mentioned, we have a couple of features requests asking for Polylang plugin support, our dev team is working hard to set the priorities to fix bugs and introduce new features according to the roadmap, however, I can’t tell for sure whether this feature will be implemented or not and I don’t have any ETA for that.


Sorry that’s your opinion. Let me explain something for you: we have another 5 websites under WP perfectly working in two languages (even with 4 languages) using Polylang since 4 years ago. So don’t tell me that please. Pro and X theme are not the greatest state of art that you are selling and promoting if we cannot build a simple website in just two languages. And I’m not talking about translate the website but just switching between two languages !

Hello @joserodrigz,

I got the message you are trying to convey and I completely understand when 3rd party plugins don’t work with the theme, it can be frustrating experience. Like by colleagues have communicated in previous replies, our developer are at work when it comes to Polylang plugin support and it’s already in our issue tracker.

I am really sorry for the problems you are facing but let me assure you that based on the priority in our issue tracker our developers are at work. I can’t share ETA as I am not in the position, but periodically you can check our changelog page for official announcements. You can also check our social media page and turn on the notification when new announcements are made.

Thanks for understanding.

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Sounds fair, thanks !

You are welcome and thanks for your understanding.


I would also like to comment that I have a problem with Polylang and current version of Pro. I am having an error: "The preview could not load due to the iframe response being incomplete. This is most often related to a plugin conflict, or customizations introducing a PHP error." when trying to edit my English version pages. The other language pages work fine (Finnish). I can currently get around the issue by temporarily disabling Polylang plugin when making changes and then activating it again. This however can cause suboptimal browsing for some visitors.

If there is anything I can contribute for a fix, I’ll be glad to help.

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Thanks @pitkaran for the feedback, I’ll make sure this is noted in the ticket we have for this issue.

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