Mohave font


A recent project is calling for the Mohave font, a Google font. I wanted to let you all know it is not showing up in Cornerstone (Pro theme). The theme and all components are up to date.

Hey @TonyBear,

Thanks for reaching out!

I also check the fonts and there’s no really Mohave font. I’ll raise this issue with our developers. In the meantime, you can add that font to our theme using the custom fonts. Please refer to this documentation.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for confirming, Marc!

Yes, that’s what we did (added the font as a custom font). Glad you pointed that out for in case other folks run into the same issue.


Hey @TonyBear,

Great and you’re welcome! If you have any other concerns or clarification regarding ou theme features feel fee to open up a new thread.

Thank you.

I have also noticed that some google fonts are missing from the Pro/Cornerstone dropdown. I believe it’s usually newer releases. I would be thrilled to have access to Outfit and Plus Jakarta Sans.

Thanks for your help

Hey @fideliscreative,

Thanks for your suggestion! Our developers will surely check this thread and added what you requested in the future.


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