Modern Events Calendar – display issues

I’ve been using the MEC plugin on my site for over a year and had everything working fine. I don’t know if this is owing to an update, but repeat events are not displaying the correct end time in monthly, weekly, daily or list view. Nor are they displaying correctly, when used in carousels. This is effecting hundreds of events on my calendar, which either show an end time of 00:00 or display (incorrectly) as ‘all-day’ events.

Hello @neilandroid,

Thanks for writing in! Please make sure that you have the supported version of MEC installed. The currently available version in our Themeco plugin repository is 6.1.0.

Our developers are testing the latest version which is the 6.1.6 version. Once they are done with testing, it will be available in the repository.

Best Regards.