Modal Windows?

What would be the best, easy-to-use/configure modal window tool?

I seem to be needing to generate HTML in an HTML editor, and then paste the code into an element. So far, I really have the need to place a number of items (pics, wording, buttons, etc), but cannot seem to stumble onto anything that really works.

Any help is appreciated!


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Are your using Cornerstone? There is a Content Area Modal element that you can use. You just have to supply the html content like you image, texts and buttons.

If you just want a modal that displays an image, you may use the classic responsive lightbox shortcode. You can check that out from this link:

If you want to display a more complex modal adding a form or integrate other 3rd party like Mailchimp, you can use ConvertPlus plugin. You can install this bundled plugin in X > Validation > Extensions. To know more about this plugin and how it is integrated in the theme, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

Hey, thank you for the reply. Greatly appreciated.

I’m aware of ConvertPlus. The only issue that I have with using this is that it doesn’t appear to natively support tables, which is something that I greatly need.

I’ve used all sorts of modal plugins for Cornerstone, and all of them do not appear to be readily configured, in terms of width & height of modal windows, padding, and so forth. Maybe it’s just my inability to learn if there are code tweaks. Being a small business owner, who is literally cook, chief, and bottle washer, I need something intuitive and easy to configure. Suggestions.

Thank you again!

Hi there,

I agree that all of them may require customization or a bit of coding to achieve that. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any other plugins that has ready-to-use feature in terms of modal. All of them still requires configuration and tweaks.

Perhaps you can try this It’s not our plugin so please use it with caution.


Hi, Rad. Thank you for your reply.

Being an insurance agent and web developer, I really would love to have the cornerstone interface to be able to generate the HTML to plug into these modal window interfaces. I’m finding myself sticking a lot of time into using other resources, and appear to be wasting my time.

Is there any way to build the content of these modal windows using Cornerstone, and then somehow extract the HTML code? I guess I’m so busy that I cannot take the time to seriously buckle down and learn what I need to learn to code these pages manually. Cornerstone has worked well for me over the years.

Thank you again. I genuinely appreciate the help! :smile:


Hi Todd,

You can create your content in global blocks then add your global content shortcode as content to your modal.

Hope that helps

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