Modal content being replaced by first modal on the page (despite unique Toggle Hash and ID)


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I’ve got a setup with 9 Modals.
All looks good I can load the page and click on a modal and the correct content (embedded Video) opens up in the Modal box.

However, after about 2-3 seconds, if I click any of the modals buttons, the content has been replaced by the video content in the first modal box.

I’ve been through and assigned a unique ID and Toggle Hash (incase that matters) to ensure each modal is unique but the problem is still there.

I originally created one with the settings how I want them, with an image for a button, then duplicated that modal to create the other modals.

If I change the order of the modals, it still seems to be which ever modal is first to load on the page, that is the one that takes over all the others.

I tried making a preset for the Modal. Brought a new modal element in and applied the preset, and changed the image and video. I assigned a unique ID and Toggle hash, again just in case. But it is still being affected by this same error and after 2-3 seconds it shows the content of the 1st modal.

I’ve deactivated all plugins running on the staging website, but still no better.

Plus made a new simple web page with two modals. Both brought in as new elements, then loaded the preset and made sure both have a unique ID.

As you’ll see on the below link, if you open the 2nd modal box after a few seconds it shows the content of the first.


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