Modal activated from Pricing Table

I’m trying to launch a modal with the BUY NOW button on a pricing table. I’m using convert plug to launch manually via css class. I go back and add the class to the short code for the button in the pricing table and no dice.
Is this the best way to try this? Is there a better way to get a modal pop up from the pricing table?

Also this is being developed on a local machine using local. Haven’t tried the live link option so getting access to the site might not be feasible.


Hi Russel,

Thanks for writing in.

What selector did you use? Would you mind providing a sample URL that has this Pricing table? And please provide your site’s login credentials, this could be related to ConvertPlug’s setting.


I made a secure note with the information requested

Hello There,

The given credentials is not working. It seems that the password is not working.
Please double check it.


Made the change it should work now

Hi there,

Thank you for the information. The mode you used seems to be the correct way to do it as per this documentation:

The problem that I see is that the modal os not triggered if I enable the smart launch option, so you need to first make sure that you can enable the Convert Plus correctly. For more information:

Also, an alternative way is to use the lightbox shortcode:

Thank you.

So I found the problem, when I went back into ConvertPlug’s Modal overview I saw that it was paused. Once I made it live it worked like a charm.

Glad it’s working now, cheers!

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