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Hey there,

I am trying to optimise the site speed of my site for mobile. After taking all advised steps and installing W3 total cache etc. (I did an entire course on optimizing my site) my mobile site was still excruciatingly slow. So I decided to hide all rows on the page that I could put on a different page so the homepage was at least fast. In cornerstone, I went into each row>cutomise>hide for the two ‘mobile’ screen sizes.

Checked the speed test again - still AWFUL. My question is, if I ‘hide’ based on screen height/width, is this effectively deleting them from the mobile version of the site, or do they still ‘load’ in the background even on the mobile site? If they still load, well is there a way I can do it so they are actually removed from the mobile site only? I’m getting scores of 70+ on desktop, but less that 10 on mobile.

Please, please help

Hi Jamie,

That’s NOT possible.

We have a good article which you can start your work on:

Needless to say that the performance is a tricky business and it depends on many factors from the hosting service provider to how much content you add to the page.

We always do our best to have the best internal code of the theme regarding the performance. The rest is up to the techniques you can use which are mentioned in the article I gave.

Thank you.

If you read my post, you can see i’ve done all recommendations you have advised in that article. Can you be more clear about what hiding content for mobile does? What’s ‘NOT possible’? Please elaborate as you were very unclear. Thanks

Hello Jamie,

If you hide a section, row, column or an element in smaller screens, it will still be loaded because it is part of the page which is not just visible to the naked eye. There is no other way to remove those elements in smaller screens. it is best that you design a page mobile first then desktop later strategy so that you can minimize the file size and the server request of a page for a better performance and fast page loading.

Hope this make sense.

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