Mobile Nav Menu Links not working on Home page

Hi Team,

I have a site with an Inline Navigation and Mobile dropdown navigation for Mobile. On the Home page, the links aren’t working for the mobile nav, but it’s ok on other pages. Can you shed any light? I’ll send through links…

Hi @leadlaundry,

Is it the turiim site? If yes, please share password inside a secire note so we can check. If the issue exist on homepage only, it might be a z-index issue. Some other elements might be on top of it.

thanks, Lely - yes that is the site. have added p/w to secure note

Hi @leadlaundry,

Are you referring to the following links on the image? Tried all links on mobile and it is working for me. Can you share the device you were using with issue?

yes. those links. i’m using chrome browser on iphone. it only works after about 1min of waiting and clicking. seems like it’s waiting for a service to load first on the Home page?

Hi @leadlaundry,

I checked the site on my mobile and the mobile navigation is also responding correctly on my end. However, I am also seeing the delay behavior that you have mentioned. The site is waiting for all resources to be loaded before all the items that require Javascript to work.

You might want to check this KB article to improve the performance of your site so that it will load faster:

Hope this helps.

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