Mobile menu recently stopped working?

Hi, the mobile menu on my site has stopped working, I tried disabling plugins but it still doesn’t work. It was working fine until around a month ago…
Anyone with the same or similar problem? Thanks for any help…

Regards Terry

Hi Terry,

It seems that you have updated Cornerstone to the latest version but let X not updated which is causing an incompatibility issue.

Please also make sure to update X to avoid issues like this.

Hope this helps.

Hi Jade

Thanks for the quick reply. I have checked my X Dashboard and it says I have the latest version of X. I have cleared my cache but still no luck with my mobile menu?

Regards Terry

Hi @Topdrone,

I checked and it’s still not updated, I can verify it through your site’s source code. And the page in your screenshot is broken which means it’s not really updated. It happens when you updated cornerstone first before the theme.

I recommend deactivating and deleting your cornerstone first, then update your theme. Then go back to the validation page and let it re-install the cornerstone.

And please deactivate your caches too after the update, your cache is overkill. I see two in your screenshots which function just the same and having too much also cause issues.


Hi Rad

That’s done the job, thanks for your help, much appreciated…You say there’s two caches in my screenshot but not too sure what you mean, should I’ve disabled the WP Super Cache plugin, can you let me know if that’s sorted it?

Thanks again.

Hi Terry,

Upon checking, I see that you have disabled your caching plugins, so I could not verify if there are two.

You can use WP Super Cache or you can use a plugin like W3 Total Cache and follow our knowledge base article with regard to performance here (

It’s a best practice to use one caching plugin to avoid unexpected incompatibility issues.


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