Mobile Hemberger not opening

Hi again, lol

The Hamburger menu on mobile is not opening, it jumps to the top of the page and adds the # to the url.

I have the page if you want to try it on your phone.

I’m not using the header builder if it helps. :slight_smile:

Hello MikeL,

Thanks for writing in! I have checked the page and I can see that the Mobile menu opens up.

  • See the screenshot in the secure note below

You may be having some caching issues. Please troubleshoot with the following:

  1. Testing For Theme Related Issue
  2. Testing For Plugin Conflict
  3. Child Theme
  4. Css/Js Customization
  5. Disabling Cache
  6. Disabling Cdn

Best Regards.

Hi, thanks for that

It’s not working on iPhone 6 and 13 mini… What did phone did you test?


Hi, sorry to bother you, unfortunately no luck. It still doesn’t work. I tried all the points you’ve sent with no luck. However, when I switch themes to the default WordPress theme, it starts working but switching back to your themes don’t work again.

Let me know what to try next, please.

As I mentioned, so far it’s iPhone 6 and 13 mini

Iv attached a screenshot, and you’ll notice the menu is pressed but not open.


OH, one more thing, when I click the hamburger menu, it adds the # symbol to the end of my URL…

Hello MikeL,

I am using an android phone and the Brave browser to test your site. Please install Brave or Chrome in your iPhone or iPad mini and test the site again. Make sure to load the page first before clicking on the mobile menu icon. By allowing the page resources to load, you should be able to click the menu icon.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Hi, unfortunately, iPhone 6 won’t allow Brave to install, (iOS not supported, no updates available).

Iv also tested it on: Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Nothing…

Please escalate my concern to another department that has more knowledge about this (iPhone) issue.

Thanks for your efforts, I do appreciate it. :slight_smile:


P.S. do one of your college have an iPhone 6? If so, please test it there. I’m puzzled.

Hey @jessebrito,

This issue has been reported previously. But, please note that iPhone 6 is an old device and the OS and browser versions are no longer supported by WordPress so we cannot guarantee a fix for this case.

Since you’re using Pro, I’d recommend you rebuild the header using Pro as there is no issue with the Navigation Elements. In case you’ll be interested in building a mobile menu, watch the tutorial video here:


Hi, Mike here.

We are using Pro, but your header builder is not compatible with PolyLang. I have a separate ticket for this issue.

Also, WordPress works fine on iPhone 6 when utilizing other themes such as “Composer”.
The issue seems to be reoccurring with x theme pro.

I’m going to need a fix for this, instead of the run around currently I’m receiving. Perhaps you can escalate my concerns with another department that will put some effort in this ticket.

I can’t tell me Clients customers to buy new phones, because x-theme isn’t working!

Please and Thanks.


Hey Mike,

I understand your concern. However, a theme or even WordPress might work on an old device, but it does not mean WordPress will provide support for unsupported versions. That is the same case for us. But even with that, I still listed this in our issue tracker so that it will be queued to be checked by our development team. Just note that we do not guarantee a fix.

Thank you for understanding.

Oh, I see, thanks for re-writing your original verbiage, this new one is clearer than your first.



Hi Mike,

You are most welcome.

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