Mixing V1 and V2: degrades performance?

I am having to back to edit old V1 pages; should i convert absolutely everything to V2 (including the sections) in order to optimize, or is just as efficient running a mixed page?

Hi There @flashfog

Thanks for writing in! You can use V2 elements with classic elements which is totally compatible.

If you want to use certain features in V2 elements, you can convert your classic elements. Otherwise the classic elements should work just fine.

To increase performance of your site, I recommend to go through our performance article on our knowledge base section (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/customizations-performance/210).


Hi. Thanks for the answer… but the basic question remains

-not if if V1 and V2 are compatible
-is there any performance penalty for mixing them?


Hi There,

There is no compatibility issue and performance issue if you mix both the elements.



Most welcomed :wink:

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