Missing icons when Google Chrome

I keep having issues with missing icons. This happens when I see it on Google.

Website is https://getavaluebuilderscore.com/

Thanks in advance.

Hi @lostimagination,

Thank you for writing in, you’re having a Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) issue, same as the user here, please follow my suggestion on that thread.

Hope it helps,

I tried that and is not working, this is happening to several of my websites. Could you see what I am doing wrong?

Hi @lostimagination,

The CORS header that disallows it is still there. For that, you will have to contact your hosting provider to fix it, maybe they are overriding .htaccess setting. This is not fixable by Wordpress or theme’s code since this is host environment related to which .htaccess should have an effect.

And you should change http://secureservercdn.net with your own URL.


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