Missing features in X

Hi, I’m using X and I don’t have access to many features , like Themeco Templates page and blocks, or any database options.

also, it looks like the Cornerstone is not validated in wordpress, but it won’t let me me validate it.

Please advise

Did you validate X? You won’t need to activate cornerstone if X is activated.

https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-product-validation/55 shows you how to validate x.

yes, i validated it before. but i don’t have the X addons menu in wordpress.
i do have a “validate now” button in wordpress, with a message to validate, but when i click on it, it just r-opens my wordpress admin page.

is there another way to validate?

and, i can see my license in my Apex account…

Just to be sure - have you activated it in your Wordpress site?

It should look something like this when you haven’t activated it (Please note it will say “X” instead of “Pro” if you have X installed… The rest should work the same.):

and look like this when it’s activated - (Please note it will say “X” instead of “Pro” if you have X installed… The rest should work the same):

As you can see, it also shows all the extra plugins on this page as they do not have the seperate X Addon menu anymore.

yes. I activated and have the X menu,then I started to create the site, but i noticed the some features and database is missing.

Are you able to let us know which features in particular? Just a few for example would be great.
Also what database are you referring to?

Sorry if I am missing something simple here :slight_smile:

That is weird! I see now what you are meaning. I unfortunately do not know how to help with that.

I see that you are using a multi-site setup, is that correct? If so, is there a reason you have gone for a multi-site setup?

It could potentially effect it - I know there was some issues in the past (but that is going back at least a year).

Hi, I don’t know what you men by multi-site. I only have theyallaman,com with a single wordpress license.
its host by GoDaddy. how do you suggest to proceed?

meant… sorry for the misspelling…

Someone would have to login and check for you. Unless we are missing something simple here that we aren’t seeing haha.

Perhaps be in touch with @Themeco support.

Just remember:

last thing… when i click on +support its going to the forum. how do you actually open a ticket with Themco support (and why it so complicated?). thanks

Hi there @yallaman,

Thanks for writing in! Don’t worry this is in the support forum now.

So we can take a look at what’s happening here for you, can you please include some WP Admin Login Details along with FTP details in a secure note.


Hi Jack,
I started from scratch. deleted my wordpress account and created a new one with only one user. re activated my license for X. It seems to be working fine. Do you have any video tutorial for beginners, or whats the easiest way to start a new site?

Hi There,

Glad this is now sorted out for you. The easiest way is to start from a demo. See demos here: https://theme.co/x/demos/. Choose one and then install it. Also check our knowledge base here: https://theme.co/apex/forum/c/themeco/kb

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