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Hi there,
How can I change the color (both font color and background color) and size of the footer menu?
Tks in advance!

Hello @joserodrigz,

Thanks for writing in!

If you are using the default footer in X or Pro theme, the footer menu color is dependent on the theme options settings in X or Pro > Theme Options > Stack or in X or Pro > Theme Options > Typography > Site Links. You have no other controls. We highly recommend that you use the Pro theme and create a custom footer. With the Footer Builder, you can easily adjust the font size, colors, and other element styling in the footer builder. If you are not yet familiar with the builder, please check this out:

Best Regards.

Hi thanks, but I’m using X and I don’t want to convert this project into Pro.
So please, have you the CSS code to change the font and background colors ?

Hi @joserodrigz,

The X theme has limited options for modification what you are expecting, and that has been already explained by my colleague in his last post.
What you are expecting is required customization, I would suggest you hire a developer who can assist you to do the customization or you can avail of our newly launched service called One, where the customization questions are answered.


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